Professional Services for the Entrepreneur

At KBFP, we are committed to our clients, with a trusted team of professionals, and a service package of worry-free accounting and business solutions. We’re here to help you attain your financial goals and your long-term objectives – whether business or personal, large-scale or small.

We achieve success when our clients achieve success.

We understand that every client is unique, with singular needs, and specific requirements. In our practice, we deal with entrepreneurs and business owners who subscribe to an approach that emphasizes complete and accurate financial records - and who realize the importance of that methodology in terms of achieving long and short-term goals.

In Concord, and throughout Dufferin County, KBFP clients are familiar with the strength of our services: in general accounting; business and personal taxes; and in preparation of financial statements. Our core strengths, along with our expert finance teams, ensure compliance with accounting and taxation requirements, and allow business owners to focus their attention on day-to-day business. We manage and deliver critical financial data in a timely manner so that business decisions can be sound and decisive.

With our comprehensive approach, our clients can confidently focus on their business and personal priorities - commercial growth; future succession planning; wealth preservation; capital/financing needs; or for that matter, a combination of all of the above.

At KBFP, we haven’t forgotten about the basics – and our clients recognize it! We know what each of our clients expects from us as an accounting firm, and we’re committed to completing and delivering their work in an appropriate timeframe, just as we promise. Our work is error free, high quality, and without any of those surprises at billing time. We strive to provide clients with information that is easy to read, easy to understand, and above all, accurate, complete, and relevant. In addition, our staff is responsive and approachable when it comes to client inquiries – it’s basic, but priceless.

We understand that business can be challenging – it’s rewarding, but with challenges. And in today’s fast-paced, super-competitive environment, a business owner needs an accounting firm that can provide more than just facts and figures. KBFP can assist you in driving forward your vision; in creating growth in your business; and in improving the future outlook. We are especially proactive in crafting tax minimization strategies, and in maximizing available capital for various business operations.

One thing we’ve learned from our clients is clear: business owners are juggling too many responsibilities, with too few resources. They genuinely need an independent, objective perspective that a professional firm, like KBFP, can provide. Our advisors can offer high-level counsel on business strategy and tactics, and a methodology for shaping the future of the business.

For many years now, KBFP has been working with businesses and individuals in Concord, and in Dufferin County. We have a unique perspective on what makes a business successful, and the factors that contribute to business failure. We can provide you with a customized approach that meets your needs, and a menu of services that are certain to satisfy: preparation of financial statements; corporate and personal tax filings; tax deferral and minimization strategies; estate, trust and succession planning; cash-flow management and analysis; even business coaching and consulting.

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