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Today, good financial planning should be an integral part of life planning. And it’s as important to the individual and family, as it is to the small business owner. Amongst other priorities, a well-structured financial plan is designed to address potential financial challenges - challenges that can come at any time and for any reason. At KBFP, our team of professional accountants can create a financial planning process that suits present needs, while considering future goals.

The KBFP approach includes an in-depth assessment of current financial needs; an evaluation of future financial ambitions; and the development of strategies that are designed to ensure long-term security. And because every client is different, every KBFP plan and strategy is customized to suit. For some, it may be about tax management and future tax planning. For others, it may be about real estate holdings and investments. And for others, it may be all about estate planning.

For many, retirement planning isn’t even on the radar. Quite often, it’s a mistake, mainly because retirement has a way of sneaking up. Planning ahead means developing a funding strategy for the retirement years, and the truth is, it’s never too early. Indeed, having an accountant on board can have definite advantages, even when working with an associated financial advisor. There’s a lot to be said for the knowledge, experience, and expertise of an accounting professional.

Whether it’s personal wealth, real estate holdings, or various investment instruments, it all has an impact on retirement. For the accountants at KBFP, a retirement plan considers both growth potential and tax minimization – a formula that ensures both short-term and long-term security. And for many, this will include estate (and trust) planning that would focus on financial security for beneficiaries. Here again, it’s the professional approach that can pay dividends.

Its important to understand that financial planning is not just for those who have money. And while its true that most people don’t have the know-how to even create a financial plan, neither do they have the capacity to consistently implement a plan. At KBFP, the financial planning team can help set realistic goals, map out a credible plan, and set the stage for astute decision-making. The truth is, an objective perspective, from experts in the field, can make a big difference.

Financial planning, whether it’s for an individual or a business owner, should not be a one-time effort. It should be a “work in progress”. And although it’s a defined plan with a strategy, personal needs change and circumstances change, and therefore, the plan must also be able to change. For the team at KBFP, working with an investment advisor allows for the best possible outcomes - an approach to number crunching that is focused on client priorities for the best results.

A smart approach to financial planning doesn’t prevent financial calamities. But being prepared does have major advantages. And with expert advice and counsel, proper planning can practically ensure financial well being for short terms necessities, and for longer-term needs.

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