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Effective estate and trust planning might well be considered more critical than general business planning and annual tax management. After all, in most cases, we’re planning for a future that has not yet arrived. A well-executed estate and trust plan will facilitate a well-organized transfer of assets – it’s just that simple. At the same time, a poorly executed plan could have disastrous outcomes, with serious business costs, as well as human costs.

The whole idea behind estate and trust planning is to provide security for beneficiaries and surviving family members. In addition, since significant amounts of money may be involved it’s quite important to reduce (or even eliminate) potential taxes relative to business assets and other assets. As such, it’s absolutely essential for every business owner, regardless of business size, to ensure business continuity and succession of business ownership.

At KBFP LLP, we can guide you (and your family) through the complexities of estate and trust planning. It’s really a matter of getting your financial affairs in order, and it’s critical to do it all “ahead of time”. We are a Licensed Public Accounting firm, with a solid team of Chartered Professional Accountants, who possess the expertise and experience to plan and execute with success in mind. Estate and trust planning necessitates this kind of approach. 

Estate and trust taxation is a very specialized practice. At KBFP LLP, we have the experts with the appropriate training and knowledge to deal proactively with your specific case. On your behalf, our aim is to safeguard your personal and business wealth, while minimizing your tax liability – it’s designed to be a win-win for yourself and your successors. More importantly, we keep ahead-of-the-curve with respect to ever-changing Canadian tax laws.

At KBFP LLP, we work as a team, offering you the professional skills and services that best suit your circumstance. We have the personnel and resources to provide optimal estate and trust planning, including professional accountants, wealth-management specialists, as well as experts with executor and trustee experience. It’s a complete, comprehensive approach with the aim of delivering a well-planned, well-designed, estate and trust package.

In the majority of cases, estate and trust planning is well beyond the capacity of even the seasoned business owner. Indeed, this is work best left to the tax professionals - those who understand the unique legal and tax landscape, and who can ensure compliance with both provincial and federal rules and regulations. And for those who might experience a certain stress with these matters, it’s even more important to have a professional on board.

There is also a central element of trust to consider. Working with KBFP LLP means working in collaboration - and as our client, we are your partners - your interests are our top priority. We handle your estate with care and attention; our tax planning advice is astute; and our efforts are focused on safeguarding your business and family assets. Overall, we’re here to help you make judicious decisions, based on your aspirations and our expertise.

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