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At KBFP LLP, we measure our worth by the success of our clients. We’ve been helping our clients succeed for years - we identify profit and growth potential; we create and apply sound business solutions; and we isolate areas that negatively affect a business. It’s our proven and established model for delivering positive results. And we are true believers that great business consulting goes far beyond accounting and financial management.  

Our team of professionals is a “sounding board” for you and your management. We are here to provide comprehensive business strategies that will address and remedy the issues and concerns that affect your business. More notably, we want to accommodate your needs, objectives, and goals.  Indeed, we want to be a perfect match for your pre-requisites. And for the most part, our client relationships are rewarding and long-lasting.

You are the business owner. It’s your money; it’s your assets; and it’s your investment. As for our part, we have the professional expertise and experience to take full responsibility for your business and financial wellbeing. In essence, we will be your business partner, and we’ll take it seriously. As a Licensed Public Accounting firm, we’ll provide a reputable team of Chartered Professional Accountants whole will service you to the maximum.

When it comes to business consulting services, you’ll be on the receiving end of first-rate oversight and management. And as part of our overall client package, we’ll provide general business accounting; tax planning and counseling; and a wide array of business advisory services. We work attentively with each client, so that we understand their business, and appreciate their short-term and long-term goals. Simply put, we’re here for the long run.   

In general, we’re here to provide professional guidance that will significantly enhance the business operation. Our primary aim, of course, is to improve and strengthen the bottom-line, while increasing the value of your business. And although we have the “big picture” in mind, our team is equally committed to day-to-day affairs. We provide our clients with accurate, timely financial data and encourage up-to-the-minute bookkeeping.

At KBFP LLP, our people fully appreciate the importance of decision-making. You can count on our team to provide the appropriate support during decision-making, and to be integral when it comes to assessing and evaluating outcomes prior to decision-making. Our team can also be instrumental when it comes to gauging negative impacts that may affect the profit and growth of the business. At the end of the day, it’s an approach that works.

We feel that every business owner and manager can benefit immensely from objective and constructive feedback. And that’s what we’re here to provide. Our consulting services are designed to provide business solutions that are both viable and sustainable. It may include market forecasting for the long-term; fine-tuning and tweaking of short-term objectives; even day-to-day re-organization – as long as it all contributes to business prosperity.

Whether your business is established and profitable; struggling and in jeopardy; or an emerging start-up, KBFP LLP has the right people and the best resources to create success.


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