Tax Advisory

KBFP in Woodbridge will ensure that your business receives accurate and effective corporate, personal, trust, and estate tax solutions and advice. Tax minimization is important to every business and individual and KBFP ensures that you take advantage of all suitable tax deductions, credits and strategies to ensure you only pay the minimum taxes required. This is important in maximizing the financial performance of a business and ensuring individuals retain the maximum amount of capital to build wealth.

Our specialty is tax planning and advice for Entrepreneurs of owner managed businesses. Tax laws are often confusing and constantly changing and it is important that your advisor keeps you up to date on tax law changes affecting you or your business and that's what KBFP does for its clients in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas. Delivering tax solutions dealing with restructuring, succession plans, international operations, growth, financing and day to day operations.

One of the keys to KBFP tax advisory is to be proactive with clients to ensure that tax minimization is achieved. If a business or individual is reactive, opportunities can be missed that can have negative impacts on business or individual plans.

Tax compliance is important. Explaining complicated tax laws in plain terms to clients and providing worry free tax compliance service to business is critical. This allows business owners the comfort of knowing that they don't have to worry about tax compliance and therefore not to distract from business operations and creating wealth.

KBFP provides innovative tax planning solutions while interacting with clients to ensure that those planning solutions are communicated in a timely manner. Tax compliance represents a significant burden to conducting business in Canada. Keeping informed of this changing environment is key to meeting tax law requirements.

KBFP also provides tax compliance for estates and beneficiaries, such as year of death returns and estate tax returns, tax compliance and planning for family trust returns and post-mortem planning to avoid double taxation. Estate planning can include structuring estate freezes as part of a tax planning strategy and succession plan. We can help you establish your options for the future when you will eventually transition the leadership and ownership of your business.

Need to claim scientific research and experimental development tax credits (SR&ED). If your business is developing a new product, improving production methods or products, or reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process you may be entitled to SR&ED credits. KBFP can help in assessing whether the requirements are met and improving the chances of successful claims.



  • Preparing corporate income tax returns and information returns

  • Preparing T4 and T5 slips and summaries

  • Preparing and filing tax elections


Tax planning

  • Identifying tax opportunities to minimize taxes

  • Advising of tax implication of proposed transactions

  • Advising on purchase and sale of business, corporate reorganizations, asset transfers, amalgamations and wind-ups.

  • Review effectiveness of current business structures


  • Preparation of personal tax returns

  • Family tax minimization

  • Retirement planning

  • Asset protection

  • Voluntary disclosures


  • Filing year of death tax returns estate returns

  • Filing of clearance certificate request

  • Trust returns

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