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At KBFP, we offer a wide range of accounting services tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether you need accounting advice, accounting services, or financial planning, we have the qualified staff to deliver the results you desire.

When it comes to Accounting Services, KBFP knows the importance of proper accounting records and best practices.  Many enterprises have failed because of poor cash flow, erroneous financial statements or not enough cash reserves.  A business needs to control costs, be able to pay down its liability and keep adequate finances for future growth opportunities. Firms need to keep accurate financial records to ensure successful financial planning and to provide proper information to investors. Failure to keep accurate financial records can result in government fines due to missed deadlines or improper reporting to government agencies.

At KBFP we recognize that many small firms and individual business owners can save money by selecting a well trusted accounting firm to do your bookkeeping and financial statements rather than hiring a full time accounting staff. We have the proper infrastructure to set up systems to record daily transactions and to create proper financial reports. The hours needed by our firm are matched to the size and type of enterprise we are serving and can be negotiated to fit your financial cost structures. 

Rules are constantly changing to protect outside investors and creditors. That is why it is important to hire a firm such as KBFP, as our qualified personnel keeps up to date with constantly changing regulations that affect the way you do business and keep records. We also keep up to date with new software programs that we can add to your accounting procedures. This software provides you with additional valuable accounting information or easier ways to maintain accurate financial reports.

At KBFP we recognize that enterprises are often caught unprepared and are surprised by increased costs that hurt their bottom line. Our accounting services can provide budgets that will anticipate costs for the upcoming year. Our qualified staff can estimate a host of inflationary expenses, and incorporate that information into any budget. By being prepared for expenses, the company can determine the price it needs to charge for its products and services to reach its desired profit levels.

Payroll service is an essential part of what accounting services are able to provide. Each month employers must remit payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and CPP remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency. We can provide you with the necessary expertise to ensure payment stubs are accurate and remittances are paid on time. We also provide the necessary T4 information slips at the end of taxation year. Failure to comply with government regulations can relate to heavy government penalties which can be avoided with a reputable accounting service such as ours.

In summary, KBFP’s Accounting Services provides your enterprise with the necessary expertise to provide you with excellent financial record keeping and accurate financial reports that fulfill a variety of needs. We offer consulting services or can help your firm directly with your accounting needs. We can suggest the proper software that is best for the size and type of your firm. We at KBFP are looking forward to serve your future needs.

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