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Large business or small, there comes a time when your computer system is at the forefront of change. It may be some new computer hardware you’re installing; it may be an overhaul of your network; or it may be a total software conversion. Whatever the case, the team at KBFP can offer the computer consulting service that addresses your needs. Our people are highly experienced professionals who can advise on both computer systems and software integration. But above all, they can provide the guidance, direction and support during this challenging time of change.

Evaluation of Current Business Process

Whether it’s about new hardware or new software, the team at KBFP consults from start to finish. There are many decisions to make, some of them difficult, some challenging. Beyond that, change is always daunting. But with the experts at KBFP, the process is constructive and manageable. We evaluate your current business process; present viable recommendations based on your business objectives; and create an implementation plan that is streamlined and as stress free as possible.  

Upgrading From “Entry Level” Software

For clients converting from “entry level” accounting software to “mid level” or beyond, the KBFP team provides advice and recommendation based on current business needs and future growth. And whether its software conversion or upgrading, the focus is always on client priorities and pre-requisites. After all, the prime objective is to ensure better internal controls, much expanded functionality, and enhanced response time. It all translates into improved productivity.

Timing, Running Parallel, and Training

At one point, it will be time to convert systems. Here, the KBFP consulting team can advise on the right time and best approach. It may be at the end of an accounting cycle - it may be at the end of a fiscal year - but regardless, the conversion will be implemented so that there is minimum havoc, and the least amount of troubleshooting. KBFP highly recommends “running parallel”, so that the old system and new system run side by side until everything is functioning properly.

Accountant’s Role in Transitioning

As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone. At KBFP, it’s the very same. We quarterback the project, and we have the personnel and the resources to deliver. And while over-the-counter accounting software and operations might have been adequate until now, upgrading requires some professional management. The KBFP accounting team is experienced with customized software implementation, staff training, and proper documentation.

Computer Backup, Disaster Recovery

Computer data backup and disaster recovery are business functions that cannot be undervalued. KBFP can develop a set of procedures to protect (and recover) a company’s IT infrastructure in the event of a calamity. Today, data backup is vital and essential for every business. But at the same time, data loss is usually unforeseen, requiring a practical and viable response plan. At KBFP, the team has the expertise and experience to accommodate every aspect of backup and recovery.

KBFP offers computer consulting services that benefit the business owner. Our service package is designed to streamline business operations, enhance business efficiency, and increase profitably.

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