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Clearly, there are many accountants in Vaughan.  What’s not so clear is how to pick and choose the right accountant (or accounting firm) for YOU.  It’s a decision-making process that should be thorough, but at the same time, you must understand your needs and your goals in order to find the right match.  A firm like KBFP - established, reputable and respected – may be a good place to start, and might well turn out be the right match for you.

Whatever your business, your finances are the life-blood of your company.  It’s therefore in your interest to choose a firm with experienced and qualified staff, because essentially, they will be “partners” in your business.  These accountants will take responsibility for YOUR money, so it’s critical to find a firm that is trustworthy, and with an established record.  In this regard, a referral from a business associate, family member, or friend might be the endorsement you need.

Naturally, the accounting firm that you hire should understand your business, and the industry you’re involved in.  But its up to you, as the client, to be cognizant of your priority needs - you’ll need one kind of expertise if cash-flow management is your priority, and another kind of expertise if tax planning and preparation is your priority.  At an accounting firm like KBFP, you’ll find staff that has experience in a diversity of business sectors, and a variety of industries.

It’s also important to remember that every business is unique, and every business structure has its specific challenges.  If you are a sole proprietor, for instance, you may require an approach that is different than the business owner with a dozen employees.  The thing is, a firm like KBFP can handle it all - but you’ll have to decide if their work will focus on the basics, like bookkeeping and invoicing, or the “big picture”, like tax management and financial advisory.

Something that is often unnoticed, but important, is accounting software.  Having software that is common between yourself and your accounting firm is a distinct advantage.  It serves for better communication, better integration, and a streamlined process that benefits all involved.  Today, most every firm employs some kind of “cloud-based” software, which in itself creates an efficient environment for collaboration between client and accountant.

KBFP LLP is a licensed public accounting firm, with a staff of Chartered Professional Accountants whose expertise includes everything from business accounting and advisory, to tax planning and preparation.  We are accountants with “big firm” capabilities, and “small firm” personalities - it’s our formula for success.  We help businesses, medium and small, to get a better perspective of their business, while they focus on operating more efficiently and more effectively.

The KBFP team also advises clients with decision-making, because every business decision is vital.  We participate in assessing the effect and consequence of a decision, and help our clients to better evaluate the action.  And although there are many accountants in Vaughan to choose from, there are not many like KBFP – established, reputable and respected.

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