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Professional accounting services, like those provided by Vaughan chartered accountants, do not necessarily have to be an expensive proposition - especially for individuals and for the small business owner.  It’s really all about being cost-effective, and hiring an accounting firm like KBFP can provide that cost-effectiveness.  Proper handling of short-term money matters, and efficient planning for the long-term, can deliver significant money savings throughout the year.  Money savings (even on a small scale) can add up – they can be in the form of annual tax savings or they can come from better returns-on-investment.  It’s all connected with financial management, and with a professional approach, the results can often surprise – in a good way.

Whether it’s for an individual, a family, or a small business, hiring a chartered accountant might well be the right decision (and with desirable outcomes).  A chartered accounting firm like KBFP is not just for big business – because even on a smaller scale, the payoff can be significant.  With astute financial planning, appropriate tax preparation, and good investment forecasting, the professional approach can dramatically effect one’s financial position.  But it’s critical to have a good sense of what YOU want.  What are your specific needs?  What are your short-term aims?  What are your long-term goals?  The experts at KBFP will assess and evaluate, and provide the direction and advice that will set the stage for productive results.

For some, its financial independence that’s important.  That will require a strategy for financial resilience during the working years, and income consistency in the retirement years.  At KBFP, this can be accomplished with smart tax minimization approaches that are designed to optimize after-tax positions.  For others, a sound investment strategy will satisfy the need for financial freedom during retirement.  Once again, KBFP can be integral, working with your investment advisor (or broker) to structure a portfolio of investments that will result in an advantageous after-tax position.  Not to mention that properly planned investments can safeguard against any unforeseen financial challenges.  The rule is simple - better planning makes for better outcomes.

With today’s baby-boom generation, estate planning has been gaining more attention.  But at the same time, the idea is often misunderstood and overlooked.  A firm like KBFP can contribute in two ways:  they can provide expert counsel on legal aspects of estates, and they can provide the essentials of effective planning.  In many cases, there is a lot to consider – facilitating the transfer of assets to beneficiaries; providing the required financial security for the surviving spouse; and reducing (perhaps even eliminating) some of the associated tax obligations.  The fact is, estate planning is far more important than many realize, whether it’s for a small business owner whose aim is to ensure succession of ownership, or a family with substantial personal investments.

Whatever your situation, your money, assets and investments comprise your financial resources.  It therefore makes abundant sense to choose an accounting firm carefully - after all, they’ll be helping you to handle your finances, and that requires reliability, commitment and trust.

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