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At KBFP, we achieve success, when our clients achieve success – and that’s how we approach every account. We specialize in general tax management; in future tax planning; and in counseling our clients when it comes to making those important, often critical decisions. These are highly specialized services, and ideally suited for the independent entrepreneur, and for those operating owner-managed businesses. We all know that tax laws are constantly changing, and forever confusing – they are difficult to understand for the layperson, and just as difficult to interpret. That’s why associating with a firm like KBFP is a good move. Our business revolves around tax law, day in and day out, and our advisory services keep you tuned in, up-to-date, and often ahead of the curve. We believe that the more you know, the better you can respond, and it all contributes to a planning strategy that is considered and deliberate.

The KBFP team is comprised of financial professionals who deliver a full spectrum of tax advisory services, including business/corporate taxes, personal returns, and more complex estate and trust tax management. We make sure that you and your business receive the most precise and relevant tax management solutions possible. And when it comes to your more specialized needs, we can accommodate them all: from company restructuring and related tax planning; to succession plans that set the stage for the future; commercial expansion and growth; supplementary financing and funding; and of course, day-to-day business operations.

For clients in Vaughan, and throughout the suburban communities of York Region, the KBFP team provides innovative tax planning solutions to clients small and large, sole proprietors and partnerships. We know about the burdens of tax compliance, and we understand the importance of tax minimization for each and every business. Our aim, therefore, is for you to pay the minimum in taxes, with the attainable tax credits, the suitable deductions, and some innovative ideas. The bottom line: we want to see our clients maximize the financial performance of their business, while ensuring that individual retains a maximum amount of capital for future wealth.

At KBFP, we are proactive with every client - we translate complicated tax laws into easy-to-understand language, and we provide the kind of worry-free service that allows for more focus on the business. We also provide tax compliance counsel for a whole host of requisites: estate and succession planning; year-of-death returns; estate tax returns; family trust returns, and post-mortem planning. Again, our priority is to avoid unnecessary taxation, all the while establishing viable options for the future.

For ultra-specialized business tax matters, KBFP can represent you throughout the duration of a CRA audit from beginning to end.  Whether it’s for personal or corporate income tax, HST, WSIB or payroll, we are your partner, and liaise directly between you and the auditor. Typically, we have the auditors conduct the audit on our premises, so as not to disrupt your daily business activities. In addition, we have years of experience using the voluntary disclosure program at CRA, which can be very rewarding when applied properly. We assist you in recovering interest and penlaties that have been wrongfully assessed and demanded.

Clients in Vaughan and throughout York Region are gaining familiarity with our wide range of tax advisory services: preparation of corporate tax returns; management and filing of tax elections; and counseling on business purchase/sale, corporate reorganizations, and amalgamations. As for personal taxes, we prepare and file personal tax returns; advise on retirement planning; and pinpoint family tax opportunities that are designed to minimize taxes.

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