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That’s quite a statement of claim - the best accounting firm in Vaughan.  Well - at KBFP LLP - we think it’s a substantiated claim.  We are a licensed, public accounting firm, serving Vaughan region, and with a team of Chartered Professional Accountants who specialize in a wide array of services:  Audits, review engagements or notice to reader financial statements; corporate and personal tax preparation; mergers and acquisitions; software implementation; business start-ups; consulting and advisory – and most everything between.

At KBFP, we take an innovative approach to client service - we work hand-in-hand with our clients in an effort to achieve a better understanding of their business, and a more in-depth perspective of short-term and long-term ambitions.  We provide professional counsel and guidance on business operations, with the aim of realizing more efficient and effective results.  Our primary objective is to enhance our client’s bottom line and increase the value of their business.

One of our steadfast commitments at KBFP is to provide financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner.  We believe that well-organized, reliable financial records will ensure that a business operates more efficiently.  And because business is all about making decisions, the team at KBFP team provides clients with decision-making support, so that outcome and results are deliberated and measured before any decision is made.

What was that about the best accounting firm in Vaughan?  We like to gauge our value to clients by their own personal and business successes.  We routinely assist businesses, regardless of size, in identifying areas that are negatively affecting profit and growth.  But we go further - we create solution-oriented approaches that are viable, and we provide comprehensive strategies to address those issues that are affecting the business in a negative way.

The truth is, every business owner or manager out there, can benefit from objective feedback and critical assessment.  And if we’re talking about the bottom line, a business can’t really afford NOT to listen.  The team at KBFP does just that - we help management to develop long-term objectives, short-term strategies, and day-to-day planning for business growth.  In short, we operate as your trusted business “partner” - we’re on the same team, and on the same page.

When it comes to corporate taxes (as well as personal), KBFP focuses on a tax planning approach that is EFFECTIVE.  This is an aspect of business that is often underestimated by business owners.  But our experienced staff has the skill and knowledge to develop tax-minimization strategies that are designed to optimize after-tax status.  And as your long-term investment strategy develops, we can be instrumental in advising and implementing favorable after-tax positions.

At KBFP, our client base is diverse, and includes many business sectors, and a variety of industries.  Over the years, we’ve encountered a wide range of financial issues, and a diversity of tax related environments - it all empowers us with the experience and expertise that makes us resourceful and versatile.  Just ask any of our hundreds of satisfied clients where you can find the best accounting firm in Vaughan.

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