Financial Services for the Entrepreneur

At KBFP, we achieve success when our clients achieve success. As a Licensed Public Accounting firm, we commit ourselves to our clients with a trusted team of financial professionals and accounting services that provide worry-free solutions for businesses small and large. We’re here to help our clients achieve short-term financial goals, as well as long-term business objectives. For business or personal, KBFP provides financial services for the entrepreneur in Vaughan and throughout York Region.

KBFP services are comprehensive and wide-ranging, including general accounting, business and personal taxes, and preparation of financial statements. Our core strengths, in tandem with our team of financial professionals, ensure client compliance in all aspects of accounting management, and allow business owners and individuals to focus on daily business priorities. We understand that clients are unique and with singular needs, depending on the size and scope of their business. And at KBFP, we service those needs, all in an environment where entrepreneurs and business owners can rely on complete, accurate financial records, with a view to achieving long and short-term goals.

With our comprehensive approach to accounting management, KBFP assists clients to focus on business and personal priorities that may require more attention: business growth and expansion; succession planning for the future; family wealth preservation; capital and financing needs; or for that matter, a combination of all of the above.

At KBFP, we haven’t forgotten the basics - we know what clients expect from us, and we’re committed to completing their work on time and on budget, just as we promise. The work we preform is error free, of the highest quality, and without any surprises on the invoice. We provide our clients with information that is easy to read and understand, and above all - accurate, complete, and relevant. And our staff is always responsive and approachable with regard to client inquiries.

We understand that being in business is rewarding, but with ongoing challenges. Today, in a super-competitive business environment, owners need a professional accounting firm that provides more than just facts and figures. KBFP assists clients to advance their vision; create growth in the business; and improve the outlook for the future. We are especially proactive when it comes to tax minimization strategies and maximizing capital for business operations.

For many years, KBFP has been working with businesses and individuals in Vaughan and throughout York Region. We understand what makes a business successful, and we’re keenly aware of the factors that lead to business failure. We therefore provide the services that meet specific client needs: financial statements preparation; personal and corporate tax filing; tax minimization strategies; estate, trust and succession planning; cash-flow management; even business coaching and consulting.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from our clients - we’ve seen too many business owners juggling too many responsibilities, with too few resources. These are businesses that would operate more efficiently and more profitably with an independent and objective perspective that a professional accounting firm, like KBFP, can provide. Amongst our many offerings, our team of advisors offers clients the highest level of counsel available today - for the near term, and for the long-term future.

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